Knowledge & Innocence>

Knowkedge & Innocence

Knowledge & Innocence

Terry Scott Taylor

1986 Reguge Records
Produced By Terry Taylor and Rob Watson.
Conceived and Directed by Terry Taylor.

Knowkedge & Innocence

1. Dancing On Light (Taylor/Watson)
2. (Out Of) The Wild Wood (Taylor/Watson)
3. Waiting (Taylor)
4. Here He Comes, Second Time (Taylor)
5. Picture Of You (Taylor)

1. Song of Innocence (Taylor)
2. Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour
3. Picture Of You (Reprise) (Taylor)
4. Ever After (Taylor)
5. Home Movies (a Christmas 1980) (b. Knowledge & Innocence)
6. One More Time (Taylor)
7. Baby's Heartbeat (6 Months)
8. Light Princess (Taylor)
9. Waiting Reprise (Inner groove)

All songs ©1986 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Executive Producer: Michael A. Blines
Recorded at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, CA
Engineered by Doug Doyle


Mastering by John Matousek at Motown

All Arangements: Terry & Rob, except "Waiting" arrangement by Greg Flesch and Terry and Rob
Special Arrangements: Rob Watson, "Strings" on "One More Time" and "Light Princess". "Gospel Medley" Adaption and Vocal Arrangement Are Also by Rob

Cover and Innersleeve Art Concepts: Terry
Illustrations: Jon Fraze
Lyric Illustrations: Connie Watson
Art Direction, Layout: Ed McTaggart
Photography: Doug Douyle

With Love To: Debi (My wife, friend, & lover)
Andrew and Noel ("My little lambs"),
My dear Mom and Dad,
and all of my family

With Special Love and Thanks to my brother Randy, who has always believed.

This album is dedicated to my Grandma, who "walks beyond the stars", I love you, old friend. ...Soon... In the twinkling of an eye...

"One night, a year and a half after my grandfather's death and approximately seven days into the recording of this albumm I dreamt an incredibly vivid dream.
I found myself entering a kind of "workshop" or small factory, where several men, including my father, were busy at their work benches performing various tasks. My father's face lit up when he saw me.
"You'll never guess who's here!" he cried excitedly.
Instantly my heart leaped, "Could it be?" I thought. Then denial. "No, he's gone, he can't be here." But still my pulse quickened and longing rose up and forced tears to my eyes. My father stepped aside. "Oh dear God - yes, yes, it's him. He's here and he's alive!"
Grandpa looked up from his work. A generous smile began spreading over that gentle familiar face. He turned and took a step toward me. I ran and leaped, and we both fell onto soft cushony grass where I became a child again, rolling and giggling and safe in those wonderfully strong arms.
Too soon, the dream ended, yet in the house in which I woke, the sounds of that child's laughter still echoed down the hall." -Terry


Terry Scott Taylor: Lead and Background Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Reprise and Incidental Arrangements
Rob Watson: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, B.G.V's, Bass, Percussion
Randy Stonehill: Duet Vocal and Acoustic Guitar on "Song of Innocence"
Greg Flesch: Nylon String Guitar on "Picture of You" and "Waiting (Reprise)", Electric Guitar on "Gospel Medley" and "Here He Comes, Second Time"
Tim Chandler: Bass Guitar on "The Medley", Electric Guitar on "Here He Comes, Second Time"
Lenny Wagonmaster: Guitar on "Dancing On Light"
Alex MacDougall: Percussion on "Picture Of You"
Ed McTaggart: Drums on "Wild Wood"
Terl Bryant: Drums on "Ever After", Percussion on "Dancing On Light", "Here He Comes, Second Time", "One More Time", and "Gospel Medley", Shopkeeper

Terry Taylor, Rob Watson, Jerry Chamberlain, Bob Bennett, Beau MacDougall, Tom Howard, Love Song (Chuck Girard, Tom Coomes, Jay Truax): Background Vocals

"Dancing on Light": Terry and Rob contributed most of the background vocals on this one, with help from Jerry and Beau
"Waiting": The "Wall" of Vocals heard here is NOT a synthesizer, but actual voices (Rob and Terry's)
"Song of Innocence": Terry sings the first verse, Randy the second, they join on the third verse and last chorus. Rob, Terry, Jerry, and Bob Bennett sing background
"The Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour": "J.J. Beverly is actually Dr. Ward Chandler. The "Gospel Quartet" vocals are Terry multitracked to create the illusion
"Ever After": Terry, Rob and Jerry do background vocals on this one. Percussion on the bridge is everything - including the kitchen sink!
"Home Movies": Recorded on Christmas 1980. The baby's voice is Terry's son Andrew



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