Ever After

from the album Knowledge & Innocence

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1986 SnellSongs (ASCAP)

She makes her way to the factory
She's living this side of the rainbow
Oh, broken hearts giving up on "happy ever after"
She seldom cries
She's gotten used to steel-grey skies

Out to the train, thru the turnstile
Down to the city he goes
Oh lovely view, but he just sees a job to do
They all get by
And Grandma's there when baby cries

No happy ever afters
They're working the holidays
They've lost their love and laughter
Locking their hearts away

Evening--and she sets the tableware
He is delayed at the depot
Late home again, she asks him how his day has been
He says, "The same. The paper says it looks like rain."
Over black coffee and cigarettes
They try counting blessings and old debts
So much for dreams--they just come true on TV screens
Oh they'll get by
And Grandma's there when baby cries

(Repeat chorus)

Baby sleeps and [baby] sails up over the moon
Jesus in a castle meets her,
feeds her with a golden spoon
Baby wakes, and in her eyes
shines light from the soul
The kind that mommy used to carry
so long ago


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