Picture Of You

from the album Knowledge & Innocence

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1986 SnellSongs (ASCAP)

In my weary soul I hold
The treasure of Your ever-present love
It's never dark enough to put me out
or take me down
Out of reach, out of bounds

So deep and wide (pictures of You)
So clear and bright
(in my heart brush...)
I paint your love (picture of You)
With Truth and Light (in my life, I...)
I take my time
I'll get it right
I've got forever
to paint my picture of You

In my trembling hand I hold
The message of your neverending Grace
And now I see Your face, I lift my hands
I close my eyes
I understand, I realize

(Repeat chorus)


And in the time I will come to see You as You are
And my picture comes true when I see You as You are

(Repeat first verse and chorus)


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