(Out of) The Wild Wood

from the album Knowledge & Innocence

Words and Music by Terry Taylor and Rob Watson
©1986 SnellSongs (ASCAP)

My beautiful dreamer
This bird has flown
Arise and come follow
My love, my own
And we'll leave the Wild Wood maze
And we'll end our Wild Wood days
On a sea of dreams
We'll sail through still-scene-haze

Here's an open invitation, "Wish on a star"
Winter's past, the way is washed in light
Time to change your occupation
Come as you are
Where forever calls, beyond the night

(Repeat first part of chorus)

"Come away! The rains will soon be over and gone."

"Afternoon, Mr. Borthick. I believe a telegram arrived for you this morning"

When you receive your invitation, "Wish on a star"
Here forever calls beyond the night
(Repeat first chorus)


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