Here He Comes Second Time

from the album Knowledge & Innocence

Here He Comes Second Time

from the album Knowledge & Innocence

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1986 SnellSongs (ASCAP)

Bop! Bomp!
Eddie saves money and time
He puts them in a bottle for Sue
They'll have the rest of their lives
To figure out what they wanna do
Get that operation
It's a facial reconstruction
Or a second television
And a Mexican vacation

(Chorus I)
Here He comes now, second time
Spoil our fun now, what a crime!
(Chorus II)
Got us all now, in a bind
Come again now, another time

Sgt. Chandler dragging the lake
He's the best cop on the beat
He takes pride in keeping the peace
At night he takes his wife home the hate
He's feeling the frustration
Up against his dedication
Should he make the big decision
And change his occupation

(Repeat Chorus)

Terry's in the studio
Can't get the vocal down
Rob is pulling out his hair
And writhing on the ground
"We gotta get this record out
before the trumpet sounds
So who on earth do we call 'friend'
and who's this coming down?"

Mrs. Doyle sleeps in the park
Dreams pictures of a better time
Panes break into shards of sharp glass
Falling down and bleeding her mind

Driving mad frustration
Mental consternation
But a wall around the nation
Can't keep out this invasion


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