Daniel Amos

1993 Brainstorm Artists, Intl
Produced By Terry Taylor with Jerry Chamberlain & Daniel Amos


1. Banquet at the Worlds End (Taylor)
2. Traps, Ensnares (Taylor/Chamberlain)
3. Hole In The World (Taylor)
4. (What's Come) Over Me (Taylor)
5. Bufallo Hills (Taylor - This song is for Andrew, Buffalo Hills is a little league ball park)
6. Guilty (Taylor)
7. Motorcycle (Taylor/Chamberlain)
8. Wonderful (Words by Chamberlain/Taylor/McCall, Music by Chamberlain/Taylor)
9. So Long (Taylor)
10. My Frontier (Taylor)
11. Grace Is The Smell Of Rain (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chamberlain)
12. Noelle (Taylor - This song is for my daughter)
13. Wise Acres (Taylor)
14. So Long Again (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chamberlain)

All songs 1993 Twitchen Vibes Music/Brainstorm Artists, Intl. (ASCAP) except: "Traps, Ensnares", 'Motorcycle", "Wonderful", and "Grace Is The Smell of Rain" 1993 Twitchen Vibes Music/Brainstorm Artists, Intl./Young and Ambitious Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded at The Golden Recording Room, Huntington Beach, CA; Neverland, Ceritos, CAA and McCrums, Whittier, CA
Mixed at the Golden Recording Room
Engineered by Gene Eugene
Additional Engineers: Bob Moon, Dave Hackbarth, Chris Colbert


Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers
Cover Concept: Terry Taylor, Bruce Heavin, Jerry Chamberlain
Illustration: Bruce Heavin
Art Direction and Design: Ed McTaggart

Salutations to: Gene Eugene for the invaluable assistance and mixing ear!, Sharon McCall for all her help, Joe Taylor for his patience and support, everyone at BAI, Tony Shore and Mike McLain, Tom Gulotta for his generosity, Cort Patton for his understanding, Bill Koeppen and Judy Tomsovic for being flexible, Dr. Hiram Lester, and to all our friends, families, and fans who have made this extraordinary trip worthwhile, and finally to our God who has been faithful through it all "...In the Light and in the dark..."

We want to give special thanks to Frederick Buechner whose words and inspiration guided this recording.

This album is dedicated to Mark Heard and to all "our dear dead dears, of there's anywhere to be, then you must be there..." See you around.

Special Thanks to Tom Gulotta for almost everything; Gene and Joe and everyone at BAI; Court Patton for going the extra miles; Thomas Merton for "The Glowing"; the Tibetans for "the Wheel"; Milosz for "the White Whale"; Michael MacLane; Tony Shore; Romald Domkus; Brad Durham; Love to our families and friends

Thanks to Matt Duffy for the amp, Jimmy Brown for the rack, Derri Daugherty for the guitars and amps, and Andy Brauer Studio Rentals for the electric sitar.

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Harmonica
Jerry Chamberlain: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric Sitar, Lap Steel, Percussion
Greg Flesch: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Tim Chandler: Bass Guitar
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Rob Watson: Melotron, Hammond Organ, Piano
Steve Hindalong: Drums and Percussion on

"Traps, Ensnares"
Buckeye (Dan Michaels) Jazzbo: Trumpets on "Traps Ensnares"
Gene Eugene: Piano on "...now for the cliffhanger..." You are good!!!
Arrangements: Daniel Amos
Backing Vocals Arranged and Performed by: Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall
Preproduction demos recorded at Wax Lips studios


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