Wise Acres

from the album MotorCycle

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1993 Twitchen Vibes Music / Brainstorm Artists Int'l. (ASCAP)

Gonna have to pass by Wise Acres
You can smell the fish fry at Wise Acres
There ain't no mysteries
'cause all the citizenry
is re-writing history
I don't mix with the chemistry
at Wise Acres

Says Mayor Smart Alex "There's a meeting in the hall"
(hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!)
for the Very Wise Guys
and the Very Wise Girls
conditioned to live in their
Wise Acre world

They're gonna put a fence 'round Wise Acres
and in the end they'll tear down Wise Acres
The Truth would set them free
but no one there can see
the greatest enemy
is the exclusivity
of Wise Acres
Wise Acres
Wise Acres
Wise Acres


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