So Long (Again)

from the album MotorCycle

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberlain
©1993 Twitchen Vibes Music / Brainstorm Artists Int'l. (ASCAP)

Here's to Perfect Days
(it's gonna take so long)
Lock all these fears away
(it's gonna take so long)
I dreamt a golden key lay
underneath my pillow

Here's to peace on earth
(it's gonna take so long)
Where the last are first
(it's gonna take so long)
I saw an angel laughing beneath
a weeping willow

Take so long...
...and to our dear dead dears
it there's anywhere to be then
you must be there
and to our dear dead dears
if there's anything to know then
you must know it
down here below it, (we're)
Going places (round and round we go)
going places

Might not even be remembered on our


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