Traps, Ensnares

from the album MotorCycle

Words and Music by Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberlain
©1993 Twitchen Vibes Music / Brainstorm Artists Int'l./ Young and Ambitious Music (ASCAP)

...and He committed Himself to no man because
He knew what was in the heart of man...

Na, Na, Na beware of traps and snares
Mr. Spoke speaks, deadly nightshade
In his brainpan
Mock aliens breed silent blond zeros of
Fresh young flesh
Ignore the ghosts of books, they're getting
Plastered in Paris
Della wears tupperware, and
Major-Domo's body politicking in
Limo Land

Harry Fiasco is gulping down his moral fiber
And casts his hard shadow while wearing
Those slippery soft supple slippers

He's got a plan
It's brash and it's bold
But there's danger in the fold
Hear his command "Don't get old!"

Bella Donna she's that poison Eurasian plant
Beautiful lady with the blackberry hat

Don't pull her finger
You don't know where it's been
Starts the great tribulation
All over and over again
It's a persecution loop
Curmudgeon in your soup
Beware of traps and snares...
Beware of traps and snares...

Now for the cliffhanger...


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