Daniel Amos

1994 WAL, a division of Word Records
Produced By Terry Taylor for Stunt Productions.
Executive Producers: Ojo Taylor & Gene Eugene


1. Broken Ladders To Glory (Taylor)
2. Bibleland (Taylor)
3. Theo's Logic (Taylor)
4. Low Crawls & High Times (Taylor)
5. Bakersfield (Taylor)
6. Out In The Cold (Taylor)
7. The Bubble Bursts (Taylor)
8. Pete and Repeat (Taylor)
9. Constance Of The Universe (Taylor)
10. I'll Get Over It (Taylor)
11. She's Working Here (Taylor)
12. Stone Away (Taylor/Chandler/McTaggart)

All songs 1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music, ASCAP. . All Rights Reserved.

International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded at The Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA
Engineered by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor
Mixed by Gene Eugeneat Mixing Lab A and the Green Room


Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers
Art Direction, Design, Photography, Digital Chicanery, etc. by Tom Gulotta and Court Patton, Patton Brothers Design, San Diego, CA
Scanning, Color Proofing and Film Output by Ed McTaggart at the Color Edge, Costa Mesa, CA
Band Photo by Trisha Kluck
Illustrations by Doug TenNapel

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: Vocals, Guitars
Jerry Chamberlain: Guitars
Tim Chandler: Bass, (Rhythm Guitar on "Bibleland")
Greg Flesch: Guitars
Ed McTaggart: Drums

Additional Musicians:
Gene Eugene: Piano on "I'll Get Over It"

Broken Ladders to Glory
A climb up the skaky ladders of our humanity towards the Hope of Glory. We are fallen emperors wearing no clothes until Christ cloaks us in His righteousness. Oh rapture!

Behind the shabby Bible scenes in the amusement park called Bibleland, lurks something beautiful, something real. Watch for it. It's coming to a heart near you.

Theo's Logic
The new world order vs. the kingdom of God. The unholy work, yer little gawd and the tower of Babel all rolled up into a great big cowpie with a surprise center. It's a message in tongues with no interpretation. It's religious Fahrvergnugen. We all love to say it, but what the heck does it mean? It's every "ism" mankind has ever mindlessly embraced. Yeehaw! Somebody stamp me and pass the jello salad.

Low Crawls and High Times
Adressed to a nation of whining crybabies, raised on fast food, action drinks and how-to books. Misguided expectations for the quick fix. Jesus is coming, and boy is He.

Bleak human landscape, flat-roofed houses, bad breath, vacant lots and murder evidence. God saves and leads a remnant of scraggly, faithless people, in spite of themselves and just because He feels like it.

Constance of the Universe
Spiritual warfare. Mystery Babylon. Madonna. Take me to your leader.

I'll Get Over It
Spiritual revelation lost in the humdrum of life. A prayer for restitution.

Pete and Repeat
The gossip power base. Wheat and tears. Stinkweed in the bouquet. Patty rolled over and Skinny was dead. You tell Pete, he tells Repeat, she tells two friends and so on...

Out In The Cold
Broken relationships and wounded hearts looking for some grace to pull them through. The cross casts it's shadow over the fray.

The Bubble Bursts
God is faithful, we suck. We're prone to breaking our promises and letting each other down, because our expectations are too high.. or too low. Love to the rescue.

She's Working Here
Sexual harassment in the workplace. Off color jokes emanating from the good ol' boy network. Woman, good. Man, bad. God, good. Devil, bad.

Stone Away
Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.


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