Shotgun Angel Part Two

Rock and Religion Radio Show Oct. 30, 1977

Daniel Amos "Shotgun Angel" Part Two

Rock and Religion Radio Show Oct. 30, 1977

Interviewed by Mary Neely

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Shotgun Angel
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Announcer: This is Rock & Religion and our second program presented on the latest album by Daniel Amos "Shotgun Angel," In a moment Mary Neely.

Mary Neely: A group from Southern California, Daniel Amos have just released a new LP on the Maranatha! label "Shotgun Angel." On the second side of the album which they call their concept side is a grouping of songs which they have based on the book of Revelations from the Bible. They describe this time in the song 'Posse In The Sky' as when the faithful dissapear the world will take its final turn. This is Rock & Religion and I'm Mary Nealy and you'll hear the entire second side of Shotgun Angel on our show with explenations by two members of the group, Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberlain.

Jerry: It's the first song on the concept side and it's called "Lady Goodbye."

Lady Goodbye

Jerry: "Lady Goodbye" is about a guy who has just lost his wife in the rapture and he just expresses his grief and his sorrow and his realization that the things that his wife had told him about the Lord and his coming for His Church. All those things were true.

Lady Goodbye

Terry: Then the next song is one that really is a picture of what happens immediately after this time, it's really a painting or a picture a portrait of the world and the judgement, God's judgement falling upon the world. The song mentions the horsemen coming in the night and it mentions a fact the streets are a crimson glow, which is reflective of the moon turning blood red and just the judgements of God falling upon the earth.

The Whistler

Terry: It's kind of an eerie song and it's meant to kind of scare the listener in a sense because this whole concept is directed towards those that don't know Christ, at the same time it's directed at those who do. Uh, so that we might aquire really a burning in our hearts so that we might share with others that these events are going to happen soon and are going to take place very shortly.

Jerry: The next song is called "He's Gonna Do A Number On You" and it's about the antichrist who will be a world leader at this time, durring the tribulation, all these people will be looking toward him and will be hailing him as the messiah and as the one whos gonna save the world.

He's Gonna Do A Number On You

Terry: He uses the pun 'he's gonna do a number on you' as kind of a, uh well just to point out in Revelation that the Bible tells he causes all those great and small, rich and poor, bond and free to recieve a mark on their forehead or on their hand that they might neather buy nor sell 'cept they have the mark with the number of his name. And uh, thats exactly whats going to happen to people. We can see it now, as far as the world being prepared for this time. As far as social security numbers and this sort of thing, were number proned, were computer proned and it's just a step away from people actually recieving something thats going to be a convenience. We'll look on it as a convenience, where we'll have this number which is invisibly laserbeamed and we'll be able to go in and buy or sell with this number. Which will do away with all paper, which will do away with checks and money and that sort of thing. Uh say we go in to buy groceries and this will automatically be deducted from our bank account, it's just really a kind of a convenient thing and really looking at it, it seems like a natural thing, seems like something that uh would be really convenient for every one of us and so, and the Bible warns us, that this is what the antichrist is going to establish as his economic system.

He's Gonna Do A Number On You

Jerry: "Better" is really a song uh from the standpoint of person who is in the midst of all this turmoil and tribulation. But its a time when theres prosper and econimic growth, theres a new economic system a world system with a whole different money system, there won't be any money but, there will be just just the mark of the beast, which those who uh give oath to the beast will recieve and no man can buy or sell without that mark. And it's just an expression of how things are seemingly getting better, to the world they will be getting better, but to the Christian or those who uh believe in Christ right now it's uh, it's everything that represents uh antichrist and um, it's seemingly is, is is a good system but satan will be using it to decieve just multitudes.


Terry: This is time that the Bible says where people will say 'peace and safety' and then sudden distruction will come upon them. It's a time when they will be saying this is, this is good, this is good that this is happening. The antichrist is someone who is a world leader who has brought peace and prosperity to the nations and they'll hail him as a new leader. And his economic system, his religious system as being the best that the world has ever seen. There will be people durring this time also who will recognise his ploys, his trickery and will see that what the Bible has said is true, these are people durring this tribulation period. And uh, this takes us to our next song called "Sail Me Away" which is really a ballad of someone who uh, it's kind of a different song he sees himself really in a dream or in a vision. He sees himself going after a treasure, he sees himself following as a rider on the wind. And kind of just sailing off to find this great treasure, and that treasure being Jesus Christ. And he finds his treasure and he foresakes this world system, he even foresakes those really that he loves to go. For this greater love, to go and follow this greater love and he recieves this treasure and he states at the end this treasure is all I wish to share. It's just a picture of someone durring this time that decides to follow Chist.
Sail Me Away

Jerry: The Bible teaches that many people durring this time will be saved out of this and thats what this song is about. The Bible tells us the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the world. And it will be a time I feel when people will more or less know they are making a decision for God or against God or there won't be a lot of grey well you know maybe God doesn't care what I'm doing or maybe you know it's O.K. if I kinda do my thing God understands. But I feel it will be a time when people will realize the, where it's more black and white, where people will know that either you've got to stand up for God and maybe be martyred whatever it takes, but that in the end you'll get your treasures in Heaven and not here. People will be openly following satan and this will really be running throughout the world I feel at this time.

Sail Me Away

Terry: "Posse In The Sky" is just a really beautiful picture of Jesus Christ coming back with his Saints to establish his Kingdom, to bring judgement upon the earth. Immediately, uh well durring this time of war, durring this time that the antiChrist in a sense turns upon the world and unleashes his power, Christ coming in clouds of glory with his Saints.

Posse In The Sky

Terry: We havn't been able to cover everything concerning the end times, we've touched lightly on a few subjects but our intention was not to really paint a whole picture of what is going to take place but it's just really as a tool for people to take an interest perhaps in what the songs are saying and begin to check out what God's word has to say about the end times. Really check it out and understand and dig into it because it's something thats going to take place very shortly.

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