<Mr. Buechner's Dream>

Mr. Buechner's Dream

Mr. Buechner's Dream

Daniel Amos

2001 Stunt Records / Galaxy21 Music
Produced By Terry Taylor and DA
for Stunt Productions.
Executive Producers: Eric Townsend and Jason Townsend

Mr Buechner's Dream

Collection One:
1. This is the One
2. Mr. Buechner's Dream
3. The Author of the Story
4. Your Long Year
5. Who's Who Here?
6. Thick Skin
7. Ribbons & Bows
8. Ordinary Extraordinary Day
9. I Get to Wondering
10. Faithful Street
11. The Lucky Ones
12. Rice Paper Wings (A Song to Our Daughters)
13. The Tale You Told (A Song for the Artist)
14. Meanwhile
15. Over Her Shoulder (A Song of Lot's Wife)
16. The Staggering Gods
17. A Little Grace (A Song of Job)
18. My Beautiful Martyr
19. Mr. Buechner Wakes Up
20. Joel (from Joel 2)

Collection Two: And So It Goes
1. Pretty Little Lies (A Song of Eve)
2. Child on a Leash
3. Small Great Things
4. Nowhere Is Someplace
5. Easy for You
6. Maybe All I Need
7. Pregnant Pause (A Song of Abraham and Sarah)
8. She's a Hard Drink
9. So Far So Good
10. Flash in Your Eyes (A Song for Gene Eugene)
11. Nobody Will
12. Fingertips
13. Steal Away (A Song of the Flood)
14. And So it Goes

All music by Daniel Amos, all words by T.S. Taylor
All songs 2001 Zoom Daddy Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded and mixed by Chris Colbert @ "The Fabulous Green Room," Huntington Beach, CA, with additional engineering by Frank Lenz and T.S. Taylor.

Digital editing by Andrew Pricket
Mastering by Chris Colbert @ The Green Room


Dedicated to Frederick Buechner; author, pastor, mentor

Original design by Ed McTaggart, The Color Edge, Costa Mesa, CA
Additional Layout by: Eric Townsend and Tom Gulotta
Assistance: Ron Easton and Ken Paxton

Photos by Kristy McTaggart, Ed McTaggart, Jason Hoffman, Dennis Grimaud, and Tom Gulotta.

Terry thanks: My incredible band mates: Greg (a rocket scientist, literally), a scholar and a gentleman, who I believe can play just about any instrument, and who happens to play guitar like nobody else. Tim (in my humble opinion the greatest Rock n' Roll bass player on the face of the earth) who explored "Bass World" on this project with passion and precision. It shouldn't work, but it does.) Ed (My faithful, underrated, stalwart and brilliant drummer and friend for 24 years). Nobody does it better. Deb, Noelle, and Andrew (my biggest fans.) My incredible family, precious friends and faithful fans (your love has pulled me through the strangest year of my life) To Andy Obrastoff in Seattle (sleep my corageous silent child... upward and onward into the hands of Jesus.) The "Late Great" Gene Eugene, who is missed sorely. Above all I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for keeping all of us under The Mercy.

Tim Chandler would like to thank (with no speculation about the order, in no order at all:) m.f.c., doc, Charlie, Everyone who's ever been a member of da, everyone I've ever met, nate fenderson, terry, don montes, derri, wes leathers, greg, ed, mike pedraza, gene, steve, tom willet, dan, john schriener, fernando, charles bukowski, tom howard, butt hole surfers, gene, father gary london, my mom, choirboys, gene, chris colbert, t.w., uncle art, james ellroy, replacements, f.f., raindogs, henry chinaski, jason h. from ft wayne, and k.r. - and, still: never mind the bollocks, extra special thanks to chris colbert, to whose knowledge, possession, and lending of many effects and foot pedal/stomp boxes, i clearly owe much credit (or blame) for the racket i was allowed to make on this here recording. along those lines, i would hearby like to thank the effects and pedals, individually, and personally -- thanks to: distortion #1, the alter-nado, line 6, rat, turbo rat, that korg thing with the inter-changeable modules, and all the rest that i can't think of right now.

Greg thanks: Dennis Grimaud, Frank Lopez and Jeff Yox for 20 years of being there, Frederick P. Flesch (1916-1993) who gave me a love for music and learning. Veronica, Alison and most of all Karlyn Flesch for years of love, encouragement and understanding. We made it!

Ed thanks: My family and friends for all their support through the years... My 2 new grandsons, D.J. and Alexander for bringing new joy to my life. Terry, Tim and Greg for writing songs that always challenge me musically and spiritually (let's do it again!), Kristy for her love and encouragement and for helping me find myself. And to all of our fans, I hope you have as much fun listening to these songs as we did recording them...


Terry Taylor : Vocals, Guitars
Tim Chandler: Bass, Guitars
Greg Flesch: Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Accordion, Mandolin
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Saxaphone: Vince Hizon, Trumpet: Tim Jacobs, Trombone: Shaunte Palmer on She's A Hard Drink and Faithful Street
Additional keyboards and percussion: Frank Lenz


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