Pretty Little Lies

from the album Mr. Buechner's Dream

(A Song of Eve)
Music by Daniel Amos, Words T.S. Taylor
©2001 Zoom Daddy/BMI

Don't bruise my head
Leave me for dead
My work is never done
I crawled through grass
'Cross broken glass
To bring you kingdom come

I'll swing you high up
In your favorite tree
Attach my good name
To your history
And mix my blood Into our chemistry
Don't be shy, tell me

Why would I lie to you?
(say pretty little lies to you?)
Why would I lie to you?
Baby I'd die for you
(pretty little lies aren't true)
Would I ever? No, I'd never
Speak pretty little lies to you

I've heard you've got
A tender spot
For sweet talk
And tatooed men
If I'm too much
Cold to the touch
There's fire beneath my skin

I'm only here to make you
Wealthy and wise
Remove the scales from
your sweet Innocent eyes
And then you'll be in for
my big surprise
Now don't be shy, tell me

Don't mind the forked tongue
If I rattle you, I'm sorry
Though I'm not yet your number one
For the time being that's
Not a worry

Repeat end of first verse then Chorus


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