My Beautiful Martyr

from the album Mr. Buechner's Dream

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor
©2001 Zoom Daddy/BMI

I believe your tears
Are stored away
And like a gentle rain
They will fall some day
On a dusty heart
On some arid soul
All the tears you've cried
Will make them whole

My beautiful martyr (in your crown of thorns)
My beautiful martyr (in your robe of fire)
My beautiful martyr (in your gown of scorn)
So beautiful
My beautiful martyr

I believe your blood
Runs wide and deep
And it stains the sky
And floods the broken street
That your prayers are saved
That your cry is heard
And that the world will hang
On every word


I believe we'll meet
Where there are no farewells
Between the spikes that pierced
And the sword that fell



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