Nowhere is Someplace

from the album Mr. Buechner's Dream

Music by Daniel Amos, Music by T.S. Taylor
©2001 Zoom Daddy/BMI

Can't say one thing
Guess nothing is something
It's down to me and you,
There's nobody else
(can't say one thing)
I'm at a loss here, guess that
Speaks for itself
(guess nothing is something)

You leave me crawling
And completely undone
I'm just some nonesense
On a stuttering tongue
I thought i'd found my little
Place in the sun
But I'm nowhere
A lost case
And nowhere is someplace

Got the trophies lined up
There on the wall
(can't say one thing)
What they have fast become
Is nothing at all
(my something is nothing)

One little touch, you drained
The blood out of me
And slammed the door on all
I wanted to be
Now that I'm dust, I'm just
Beginning to see
That this nowhere
Is someplace



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