The Prickly Heat Radio Players

Prickly Heat Radio Players

The Prickly Heat Radio Players

Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor

2003 Stunt Records

The Prickly Heat Radio Players

1. The Right Reverend Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor And "My Left Behind."
2. The Richard Noggin Interview With Arthur Fhardy
3. Learning To Lovingly Hate Your Neighbor
4. A One Yodel Wonder (Noggin)
5. Fruity Yarns
6. Blind Lemon Meringue, Last Of The Old Time Blues Men
7. Yoinkling (Noggin)
8. Rabbi Aaron Bergman And The L'chaim Show: Featuring The Plain White Rappers
9. Teeny Tiny Teri Taitor And Her Tots
10. "I'd LIke To Pinch Your Face!" (Noggin)
11. The Powerful Guys Of Golf (Dr. Taylor)
12. Afterglow (Dr. Taylor)
13. W.W.J.S. (Dr. Taylor)
14. Party Hearty With Arthur Fhardy (The Song)

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Recording Information

Produced by Arthur Fhardy, Rob Watson, Terry Scott Taylor
Recorded By Rob Watson


Written-By R. Watson, T. Taylor, Tom Gulotta

The Prickly Heat Radio Players Are:

Terry Scott Taylor
Carolee Mayne
Rob Watson
Tom Gulotta



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