Uncle Stonehill's Hat Revisited

2001 Words and Music by Randy Stonehill and Terry Scott Taylor
Recorded by Uncle Stonehill for his album "Uncle Stonehill's Hat" (2001)
We've said, "So long" so come on in
You're still here, "Hey how you been?"
Give a cheer, whistle, clap
We've said it all, let's have a chat
Uncle Stonehill's Hat
Uncle Stonehill's Hat
Hip hooray, hip hurroo
Let's begin, since we're through
Hip hurroo, hip hooray
To go is so exciting
It means we're just arriving
By leaving everyday
You've got the nick, we've got the knack
You've got the train, we've got the track
You've got the duck, we've got the quack
At Uncle Stonehill's Hat