My Destiny

2001 Words and Music by Randy Stonehill and Terry Scott Taylor
Recorded by Uncle Stonehill for his album "Uncle Stonehill's Hat" (2001)
My destiny, oh I am my destiny
My destiny, oh I am my destiny

Verse 1
My destiny is to be me
Me and mine alone
And I smile each time I dial
And get me on the phone
I don't need to go anywhere
For if I'm here then I'm right there
Why travel off on some vacation
I am my favorite destination
I rise each day with great elation
And give myself a standing ovation
I am my best friend pal and bubb
The universe I am it's hub
I'm president of my own fan club
It could not be clearer
As I gaze into my mirror
My destiny, it's plain to see
I am my destiny


2nd Verse:
I congratulate the me in me
And shake any own hand fervently
I celebrate each day I wake
With lavish gifts and birthday cake
I seek myself on my behalf
And give myself an autograph
I'm learning special twists and flips
To kiss myself with my own lips
I'm getting married very soon
I am the bride and I'm the groom
And at the wedding ball affair
I'll be so thrilled to meet me there
Give me this one dance I pray
Of course I will I'll gladly say
I'll tap my shoulder persistently
And remind myself Hey I'm with me
I'll cut in between these two
Insist to me, that I'm with you
And you are me and that makes we
And us are happy as can be
And us could go on endlessly


3rd Verse:
To be King it is my station
To be the boss of my own me nation
And what a sterling population
I would send forth a proclamation
To all of me my generation
To show a bit more dedication
By thinking more of me
And at days end I'd turn to see
My own self as I run to me
The music swells romantically
I'm the guys in my own symphony
In slow motion on the shore
I hold the me that I adore
I tumble in the tide once more
And as I embrace neath the setting sun
I say to me, I am the one
It's plain to anyone who's me
I am my destiny