The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream

The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream

The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream (DVD)

Daniel Amos

2005 Stunt Records
Produced By Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos
Executive Producers Eric Townsend & Jason Townsend

The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream

DVD Information

Rehearsals filmed at the McTaggart house.
Recorded and mixed by Chris Colbert @ "The Fabulous Green Room," Huntington Beach, CA, with additional engineering by Frank Lenz and T.S. Taylor.

Digital editing by Andrew Pricket
Mastering by Chris Colbert @ The Green Room
Widescreen. Color. NTSC. Stereo. Running Time: 81 minutes
Bonus features include Live footage from the 2001 Legends Tour, and the Internet-only single "Nowhere is Someplace."

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Packaging design by Ed McTaggart, McTaggart Design, Costa Mesa, CA
Video by Tim Chandler, Dennis Grimaud, and Tom Gulotta.
Video Edited by Eric & Jason Townsend

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: Vocals, Guitars
Tim Chandler: Bass, Guitars
Greg Flesch: Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Accordion, Mandolin
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion

Saxaphone: Vince Hizon, Trumpet: Tim Jacobs, Trombone: Shaunte Palmer on She's A Hard Drink and Faithful Street
Additional keyboards and percussion: Frank Lenz



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