Daniel Amos

Instruction Through Film

2007 Stunt Records
Produced By Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos
Executive Producrs Eric Townsend & Jason Townsend

Directed by Dave Perry, Others
Produced by Daniel Amos, Eric Townsend, Jason Townsend
Written by Daniel Amos


Terry Scott Taylor
Tim Chandler
Greg Flesch
Ed McTaggart
Rob Watson
Marty Dieckmeyer
Jerry Chamberlain
Mark Cook
Alex MacDougall

with Appearances by:

Doug Doyle
Gene Eugene
Mike Knott
Andy Pricket
Scott Ross
Leo Sorentino
Andrew Taylor
Debi Taylor
Noelle Taylor
Ojo Taylor

Music by Daniel Amos
Cinematography Dave Perry, Joe Cote, Others
Edited by Jason Townsend, Eric Townsend, Dave Perry, others
Distributed by Stunt Records
Release date May, 2007 (Worldwide release)
Running time 120+ min.
Language English