Live in Anaheim 85

Live in Anaheim 85

Live in Anaheim 85 (DVD)

Daniel Amos

2003 Stunt Records
Produced By Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos
Executive Producrs Eric Townsend & Jason Townsend

Live in Anaheim 85

Hollow Man
Endless Summer
Home Permanent
As The World Turns
Mall (All Over The World)
Incredible Shrinking Man
Memory Lane
New Car!
Youth With A Machine
Real Girls
The Double
I Love You #19
Faces To The Window
Dance Stop
I Didn't Build It For Me
Colored By

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Directed by Dave Perry, Others
Produced by Daniel Amos, Eric Townsend, Jason Townsend

Music by Daniel Amos
Cinematography Dave Perry
Distributed by Stunt Records
Release date May, 2003 (Worldwide release)
Running time 90+ min.
Language English

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Scott Taylor
Greg Flesch
Rob Watson
Ed McTaggart

with special guest Ric Alba on bass



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