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The Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex Fun Club
The mother of all Newsletters!

Volume 2, Issue 5 Spring 1993

The wait is over. We're back in the saddle, folks. Forgive the ridiculous delay in getting this baby out, but we've been busy little beavers for the past year and a half.

Let's start from the beginning. When we last left you, Kalhoun had just been released. Since then, Terry produced Randy Stonehill's marvelous Wonderama, participated in the Lost Dogs project with Gene Eugene, Mike Roe and Derri Daugherty, and produced many new artists. STUNT has been busy as well with the release of Alarma and Doppelganger on CD and the two-disc compilation with Alternative Records caled Shirly, Goodness & Misery and No Sense of History. See new junkpile! We are pleased to announce the arrival of the newest Daniel Amos record Motor Cycle on BAI. As a special offer for Fun Clubbers to you (and only you) the special promo CD for Motor Cycle with the singles, interviews and some really great bonus tracks. This is a special one time offer and when the excess has been sold, there will be no more. It's just our way of saying "hey, we care."
Motor Cycle is the band's tenth record in a musical career that spans almost twenty years. Jerry Chamberlain is back as an official member and his influence can be strongly felt as the band travels back to it's musical roots. The songs are at once familiar yet fresh, incorporating much of the band's diverse history into a modern sound so unique that all comparisons fall pitifully short. Originally due last fall, the release was delayed for some months by Brainstorm for scheduling reasons. This gave the band some extra time in the studio to fine tune the record in ways they haven't been able to take advantage of in the recent past. The record has already been met with rave reviews, many expressing the opinion that this is indeed DA's finest effort, their crowning achievement.
The band will be starting rehearsals in May for a busy summer schedule which includes some local warmup gigs in June and at least four festivals throughout the summer. Some confirmed dates include Cornerstone '93 in Bushnell, Illinois, Inner seeds in Atlanta, Sonshine Festival in Minneapolis and Superfest in Big Bear California. Check the bigger music mags this spring for more info. We hope to see many of you there.
In this issue we are reprinting an article Terry wrote for Canada's RELEASE magazine, the Kalhoun liner notes which so many people requested that we choked, and the new JUNKPILE. We are offering only our own stuff (STUNT) this time around so we won't have to delay orders by backordering small quantities. Special thanks to my new Ed-Head Zombie slave David Neal who has been helping fill orders of late. Hopefully things will be running smoother around here.
Hey, for all you computer nerds, you can E-mail me on America Online (or through the internet). Send any comments, gripes, requests, hate-mail, etc. to "SWIRLY" (Tom Gulotta). I may get around to offering special things online to those who contact me this way. It's a lot easier than writing postcards, as those of you who have written me and never heard a word back certainly know. Hey, my wife and I had a son, moved into our own condo and juggled FIVE jobs last year. You people are lucky to be getting this measly little thing! Later.

"Liner Notes to Kalhoun

"Further Up and Further In" by Terry Scott Taylor