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The Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex Fun Club

Update Fall 1990

Big, Big stinking news, people!! Yes there are three , count'em THREE new DA CDs on the market even as we speak. The first is the eagerly awaited CD re-issue of "Shotgun Angel" on Maranatha! Records. This masterpiece is a must for any serious DA/Eddies lover. It was voted one of the best "Christian" rock albums of all time by CCM magazine a few years back. Terry Taylor considers it their "Sergeant Pepper".This new digitally remixed and remastered beauty features the classic "Rock Opera" of the end times which was featured on the "Revelation" album, as well as pop and country-rock classics like Days and Nights, Father's Arms and Shotgun Angel.

Second is the new FRONTLINE project entitled "dr. Edward Daniel Taylor- The Swirling Eddies Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love" (uncensored title). This oddball project was originally conceived by the label folks as a "Best of..." (GAG) album, but was quickly and violently redirected into an oddities, remixes, weirdness, etc. project. The album is broken down into five sections- The first section is the Live Studio Sessions 1990, featuring the rerecording of The Pool, Riders in the Sky, and I'm On Your Team, all recorded "live" in the studio in one long 10 hour session. The second portion is the Telethon a wild and wickedly satirical spoof of some of the quirks so often prevalent in the modern church, complete with the oddest array of musical guests and hosted by none other than the Right Reverend dr. Edward Daniel Taylor, himself. Studio insanity at it's finest, guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever heard before. The third section is three songs from Terry's second solo album, "A Briefing for the Ascent", a beautiful tribute to the mystery of death. The fourth part is remixes from Fearful Symmetry, Darn Floor and Let's Spin ,the single "Soon" off the Revelation album and "The Only One" an oldie but goodie which first appearred on Wild Blue Yonder's debut album. The disc closes with Pretentious Poetry Readings featuring the fake English accent of Camarillo Eddy. Seventy minutes of the mad genious of Terry Taylor and Company.The best AND worst of...

The third new(?) offering from the boys is perhaps the most important. DA- Live Bootleg '82 is the first offering from STUNT RECORDS, our own independant label dedicated to bringing you the best in bootleg DA material, special collector's items, unreleased demo recordings, DA-related music and, best of all, new DA and Swirling Eddies projects.This recording was taped back during the ¡Alarma! Tour at the height of the band's most intense touring schedule. The energy of the ¡Alarma! era is captured beautifully at this concert and is truly a great collector's item. This disc features songs from Horrendous Disc, ¡Alarma! and Doppelgänger as well as I'm on Your Team, Everyone's Fallen Down, The Lord Has Open Arms, and the classic "Surf Suite"(Surfin ' USA, Wipe Out, Tidal Wave and Endless Summer). Fans have been waiting years for a project like this and we're happy to say that this is only the beginning. You can look for new projects in the spring from DA and an album of unreleased demo tunes around that same time.You can also order this through Spring Arbor Distribution #0001 502093-CD; 50001501909- Cassette.

The fourth new item we're offering through the Junkpile this time around is the CD re-issue of Prickly Disco's band's first album: Adam Again- In a New World of Time. This album wasvoted one of the best "christian rock albums of the 80s by Harvest Rock Syndicate. There are two new bonus songs on this special limited edition CD re-issue so get it now while the gettin's good. Also available through Spring Arbor #0001391305-Cd only.

The Eddies take Cornerstone '90 by storm!

The folks at Cornerstone '90 in Chicago were treated to a rare and special event on Friday June 29th. The evening, dubbed The Amos'n 'Randy Reunion Concert, started off with a 45-minute acoustic set by Randy Stonehill. After a short break DA took the stage and blazed into "I Love You #19", followed by what could have easily been their greatest hits. Songs like "Walls of Doubt", "Mall All Over the World", "Sanctuary" and "Darn Floor, Big Bite" reminded the audience that this relatively obscure band was responsible for some the most important music of the last decade. Concert favorites such as "I Didn't Build it For Me" and "Dance Stop" kept 2000 sweaty fans, packed like sardines in a 100 degree tin can, laughing and dancing 'ti they dropped. The rousing encore of "Endless Summer" left everyone wondering- What could top this? After another short break, they found out. The Swirling Eddies appeared onstage with a tremendous buzz as the audience gazed up at the most oddly-dressed assortment of musicians in Cornerstone history. Two in skirts and dresses, one in pajamas, one in raingear, one in an Alpine hiking outfit, one in fur vest and neon green sweat pants, and one looking like an 8-year old, the Eddies were a sight to behold. Leading off with the atmospheric instrumental "Snowball", the Eds blasted through !heir set with vigor and vim. Favorites like "Let's Spin", "Hide the Beer", "Attack of the Pulpit Masters" and their number one hit "Driving in England" had this audience rocking 'til the wee hours. The set featured an impromptu version of "Arthur Fhardy's Yodelling Party" as well as (believe it or not) Camarillo's heart-rending version of the Helen Reddy classic "I Am Woman". Don't ask for explanations for there are none. They ended this outrageous set by inviting Randy Stonehill out for cover versions the Animal's "We Gotta Get Outa This Place", the Beatles' "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". It was truly a night to remember.

The band has no further concerts this year but we are in the process of booking a date at the New Union in Minneapolis for early 1991.We'll keep you posted. Call (612)379-2858 for details. Until next time, we bid you adieu and apologize for all the delayed merchandise orders. We're working on improving this area so please don't give up hope. Back-ordering can be a real pain when dealing with such small quantities. We're sorry. Enough.
Keep swirling and keep looking to the Lamb.

the DA/Swirling Eddies
Spinning Vortex Fun Club
and Mutual Admiration Society- 10/90