Langely Advance Newspaper, January 31, 1979

A concert, "Daniel Amos", sponsored by the Student Association of Trinity Western College, was cancelled last week. The concert scheduled for January 27th, was an attempt by the Student Association to "present a meaningful evangelistic programme of Christian contemporary music and testimony."
After considerable evaluation, the Student Council decided the concert was "not in the best interest of the College," said a college announcement.
'Daniel Amos' had been recommended because of the group's "unique brand of humour and theatrics coupled with a solid commitment to relating the Good News of Jesus both through their lives and their music." However, the image of the group as portrayed by the advertising was inconsistent with the original purpose of the concert.
President Snider said. "We commend the students on their intent in planning such a programme and the maturity shown in their decision to cancel it. The College administration was not aware of the advertising that appeared in the papers. In no way does the "rock and roll" subculture, as it is often understood, typify the Trinity Western College lifestyle."
Tickets for the concert are being refunded.

Trinity student, Shawn Brouwer remembers:
The advertising, as I recall, consisted of newspaper ads in the local paper; bout 2 inches square, they were a big black circle; printed inside the circle were the words "Rock and Roll" "Daniel Amos" and either the address or name of the college. There would be 3 or 4 of them scattered throughout the weekly paper."