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Lost Dogs Biography


These misplaced canines have been all over the map-musically speaking. You're just as likely to hear a country song , a blues song, or an all out rocker at any given moment...and usually within the context of the same album. With Gift Horse though, the Lost Dogs chose to stick a pin into only one particular spot on their musical Thomas Guide, aiming for a little stylistic consistancy.

Derri: "We wanted it to be more like the first two, and less like the last one, with not all of us playing guitar on every song. We wanted to make it a little more sparse, and make the vocals the main thing."

Terry: "I did want to stay away from some of the sort of pop excursions we took on some of the other records. Give the listener a sense of unity, musically, and some unity as well with some of the story lines. These stories are timeless. They could have taken place in the 1800s, or they could take place now."