<A Briefing for the Ascent>

A Briefing for the Ascent

A Briefing for the Ascent

Terry Scott Taylor

1987 Frontline Records
Produced By Terry Taylor and Greg Flesch.
Conceived and Directed by Terry Taylor.

A Briefing for the Ascent

(Part One: "the Briefing")
("Once upon a time, at the edge of the wildwood... Mr. Borthwick enters the gallery")
1. A Briefing For The Ascent (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Flesch)
2. Somewhere To Elsewhere (Instrumental) (Flesch)
(Part Two: "the Preparation")
("Mr. Borthwick loses a friend")
3. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Taylor)
("Discovery of the Gallery's location: (not of but in the world)"
4. The Wood Between The Worlds (Taylor)
5. Changeless (Taylor)

("His views are the portrait of his Beloved...")
1. My Love, My Love (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Flesch)
(Part Three: "the Battle")
2. Wars of the Heart (Instrumental) (Taylor/Flesch)
("He laments the restless spirit")
3. Capture Me (Taylor)
("The heart's desire")
4. Where Dreams Come True (Taylor)
5. Long, Long, Long (George Harrison)
(Part Four: "the Ascent")
("All that has gone before" "Borthwick's prayer")
(Spoken Word and Instrumental)
("Leaving the gallery, entering the wood / The Ascent")
6. Going Home (Music by A. Dvorak, Public Domain, Arranged and adapted by Greg Flesch and Terry Taylor)

All songs ©1987 Broken Songs/ASCAP except:.
"Long, Long, Long" ©1968 Harrisongs (BMI). All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, CA
Engineer: Dave Hackbarth
Mixed by: Terry Taylor and Doug Doyle with Greg Flesch


Orchestrations Constructed and Arranged by Terry and Greg
Mastered: John Matousek, Hitsville, L.A.
Album Cover Concept: Terry, Ed McTaggart
Art Direction: Ed McTaggart
Photography: Bob Rowe
Photographics: Ken Baley

My love to Deb, Andrew and Noel, Mom and Dad, Randy, Shelly and the kids, Lori, Stan and Gail, Mom Terrell, Barbara, Phillip and Sue, Lanny and Cheryl, and Don, but most of all this album is for my sweet and preciuous Heidi who perhaps feels the loss more deeply than us all. Jesus will make it right sweetheart, someday soon.

This album is dedicated to my Grandma Borthick who at last left the "Wildwood" and entered the Glory on October 3rd, 1986


Vocals: Terry Taylor
Guitars: Greg Flesch, Terry
Bass: Tim Chandler
Keyboards and Synthesizers: Greg Flesch with Terry
Drums: Steve Hindalong, Ed McTaggart
Percussion: Alex MacDougall with Greg
Drum Programs: Terry, Greg and Dave Hackbarth
Synth Treatments: Terry and Greg
Background Vocalists: Terry, Jerry Chamberlain, Tom Howard, Rob Watson, Crystal Lewis, Montebello First Baptist Church Choir



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