Capture Me

from the album A Briefing for the Ascent

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1987 Broken Songs

Wild horses run
Wild fire in their eyes and slaves to none
Wild winds rage on
Tear the leaves
From the trees
Where the frame of God is hung

Through dark nights alone I run
Through a hole in a hand
Where the crimson-stained river flows
Forever serving a means to an end

'Til You capture me
I surrender to Your sanctity
Then You capture me
I win the freedom of this slavery
Embracing all that you impart
Hear the crying in my heart
And capture me

Wild river runs
To a bottomless sea, deep thunder rolls
Down the forest halls
Tired earth quakes
Lightning breaks
And the vault of heaven falls

In wild woods I call Your name
I am the turbulent air
I am a whirlwind of ice and fire
I flood the world with my fathomless tears


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