from the album A Briefing for the Ascent

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1987 Broken Songs

Once upon a lonely hilltop
Where my heart could find no sleep
Rest came down and filled my soul up
From the everlasting deep

Changeless are the stars that shine
Changeless morn' succeeds to even
Still the everlasting hill
Changeless watch the changeless heaven

I need your love
Your changeless love
I need you

I have climbed some lonely hilltops
I have touched the fleeting soul
Dreamt I saw a billion teardrops
Falling down like ice and snow

Changeless breaks the tide to shore
Changeless are the times and seasons
You are the same forever more
I will keep these changeless reasons

No shadow of turning falls
No promise is broken
No nothing can turn my heart
From the words You have spoken
Changeless Your love
Deep as an ocean


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