<Little Red Riding Hood>

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

The Lost Dogs

1993 WAL / Word Records
Produced By Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, Mike Roe and Derri Daugherty
Executive Producers: Ojo Taylor and Gene Eugene

Little Red Riding Hood

1. No Ship Coming In (Taylor)
2. Imagine That (Words by Taylor/Daugherty, Music by Daugherty)
3. You Satisfy (Roe)
4. Bad Indigestion (Taylor)
5. Dunce Cap (Words by Eugene/Taylor, Music by Eugene/Daugherty)
6. Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson (Roe)
7. Precious Memories (Traditional)
8. Rocky Mountain Mines (Taylor)
9. Jimmy (Eugene)
10. Eleanor, It's Raining Now (Taylor)
11. Free At Last (Words by the Lost Dogs, Music by Roe)
12. Red, White and Blue (Taylor)
13. I'm A Loser (Lennon/McCartney)
14. No Room For Us (Taylor)
15. Pray Where You Are (Words by the Lost Dogs, Music by Taylor)

All songs and arrangements 1993 B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music (ASCAP) Except "I'm A Loser" Maclen Music (BMI).

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Recording Information

Recorded the Dogs way at the Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA by Gene Eugene with David Hackbarth and Mark Rodriguez and the Dogs
Mixed at Mixing Lab, Garden Grove, CA
Produced for the WAL by Brainstorm Productions


Art Direction, Design and Photography by Anna Cardenas
Additional Layout and Production by Ed McTaggart

The Lost Dogs:

Derri Daugherty: Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Gene Eugene: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano
Mike Roe: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica
Terry Taylor: Guitars, Vocals

Tim Chandler: Bass on "Dunce Cap", "Eleanor, It's Raining Now" and "Pray Where You Are"
Jerry Chamberlain: Background Vocals on "No Ship Coming In" and "Rocky Mountain Mines"

Mike's Special Thanks To...
My Dad - for lernin' me everything I needed to know about Country Music. My Mom - for prayin' me through it, and My Grandparents - for starting it all and stayinf alive to see it, Devon Siobhan - for making life worth living, Amos Moses - for making me glad that I'm a man, The 77's - for being the best dog gone band in the world, Gene, Terry and Derri - 'Cuz Dogs aren't naturally monogamous and finally, Brian Wilson - I'll see you in heaven if it kills us both (please pray for this man).

Terry's Thanks
Deb, to whom "No Ship" is dedicated. Andrew, Noel, and Molly, The Ferros (our biggest fans), Dan MacIntosh and to my fellow Dogs Gene, Mike and Derri for making it such a pleasure - love you all.

Gene's Thanks and 70's song dedications:
to my partner Joe ("Takin' Care of Business"), Riki ("Dancin' Machine"), Greg, Paul and Jon ("American Band"), My Family ("I Love The Right Life, I've Got To Boogie, etc..."), Everyone at Brainstorm ("Workin' In A Coal Mine"), All My Friends ("Do You Think I'm Sexy?"), Everyone who uses the studio ("Can't Get Enough"), and of course my fellow Dogs Terry, Mike and Derri ("Love To Love You Baby")

Derri's Thanks:
To Steve, Dan and Tim for 'Friendship and Grace', To Marlei, Hannah and Chance for love, To Dr. Hiram Lefter for 'Inspiration', and to Terry, Gene and Mike for all of the fun, To Mark Heard - 'You Are Missed'

The Dogs would like to collectively thank: Joe, Marie, Judith, Tony, Anna, Ed, Tim, Jerry, Brian, John Reyes, and all the people who are going to book us for gigs, and our bands, Daniel Amos, The 77's, Adam Again, and The Choir.



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