<Green Room Serenade>

Green Room Serenade

The Green Room Serenade Part One

The Lost Dogs

1996 Brainstorm Artists Intl. Records
Produced By Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe

The Green Room Serenade Part One

1. The Green Room Serenade (Taylor)
2. Up In The Morning (Taylor)
3. Cry Baby (Eugene)
4. Love Takes Over The World (Taylor)
5. Close But No Cigar (Taylor)
6. All That Remains (Taylor)
7. Sweet Work Of Love (Taylor)
8. If It Be Your Will (Cohen)
9. Mexico (Eugene)
10. The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait For You) (Taylor)
11. Hey, You Little Devil (Taylor/Daugherty/Eugene)
12. I Don't Love You (Roe)
13. Reasonable Service (Taylor)
14. Waiting For You To Come Around (Daugherty/Eugene)
15. Breathe Deep (New Version) (Taylor)

Publishing (All songs copyright 1996)
Taylor: Twitchen Vibes/Benson (ASCAP)
Eugene: Chenka Chenka Music (ASCAP)
Daugherty: ******/Benson Music (ASCAP)
Roe: 7 and 7 is (ASCAP)
"If It Be Your Will" published by Leonard Cohen Stranger Music, Inc 1984 (BMI)

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed by Gene Eugene and Lost Dogs at the Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA
B-3 Recorded at Desert Moon, Anaheim, CA
Additional Engineering by Eric Tokle


Art Direction, Design, Concepts, Photography and Clay Sculptures by the "Fabulous" Anna Cardenas

The Dogs would like to thank all of our friends, including Belly Acres, Frank Tate and Tony Shore, DLB and all at Davden, Knott, Brigandi, Jenison, all the bands the hire us to produce them, everyone at Diamante, Sheri at the Record Factory, Lenny Cummins, Ed and all at Color Edge, Ojo, Mike Knott, and as always, the members of our regular bands (Adam Again, The Choir, Daniel Amos, The 77's) for always allowing us to temporarily defect. Extra Special Thanks to Anna, who always amazes us.

Derri sends his love to Marlei, Hannah, Chance, and Shane. Thanks for still believing.

Mike says thanks to Devon Sobhan (my pride and joy), Mark and Bruce (the best band in the land), Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma.

Terry thanks Deb (the love of my life), and my beautiful children Andrew and Noelle, To Mom and Dad, My brother Randy, and all my family and friends.
A Special thanks to Ed, Tim, Greg, and Jerry and to the Dog boys - Gene, Mike and Derri. Also to Tom Gulotta, the gang at the Color Edge for their friendship and support, to Doug TenNapel and the Neverhood, Alex MacDougall, Mike Knott, Mike Porter, Tony Shore, Michael Black, Joe Taylor, and a hundred others for their loyalty and support. And finally to God and to my Grandmother Thelma and my Grandfather Bill for letting me know that everyone in heaven is praying for me. Thanks for taking the time, and I'll see you all later.

Gene Thanks God for mercy, Anna for friendship, my cornermen Knott and Brigandi for "coming over!", all the Brainstorm Artists for having faith, fellow Dogs Terry, Mike and Derri for teaching me how to collaborate, and Greg, Paul, Jon and Riki for always being there. Special thank to my family for your love and support, Extra special congratulations and happiness to Dave and Michele.

The Lost Dogs:

Derri Daugherty: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass
Gene Eugene: Vocals, Rhodes, B-3, Guitars, Bass
Mike Roe: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Terry Taylor: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Greg Kellogg: Pedal Steel, Banjo, Dobro
Burleigh Drummond: Drums
Tim Chandler: Most of the Bass
James Sitterly: Violin

"The Green Room Serenade":
Derri, with Terry, Mike and Gene

"Up In The Morning":
Derri and Mike, with Terry and Gene

"Cry Baby":
Gene, with Terry

"Love Takes Over The World":
Terry, with Derri and Gene

"Close But No Cigar":
Mike, with the Extroardinaires

"All That Remains":
Derri, with Mike, Terry and Gene

"Sweet Work Of Love":
Gene, Derri, Terry, Mike

"If It Be Your Will":
The Dogs

Gene, with Terry

"The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait For You)":
Terry and Mike, with Gene and Derri

"Hey, You Little Devil":
Terry, with Gene

"I Don't Love You":
Mike and Derri

"Reasonable Service":
Mike, then Gene, then Derri, then Terry

"Waiting For You To Come Around":
Gene and Derri

"Breathe Deep":
Derri, then Terry, then Gene, then Mike



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