Free At Last

from the album Little Red Riding Hood

Music By Mike Roe, Lyrics by Lost Dogs
©1993 B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music (ASCAP)

The queen of heaven
Lives just down the street
She's got her riding hood on
And bells on her feet
She cools me down
When I turn up the heat
I used to chew tobacco,
Now my breath is sweet

Now I'm free at last
Free at last
Thank God, thank God
I'm free at last

I met a woman
She dressed in black
All she did was just
I talked back and got the sack
Thank God I got out before I kacked


I once fell in with Big 'Ol Bill
The man that lived up on the hill
Made me ill, taught me to kill
I'm wondering if Bill lives up there still


See, see him sailing on the Devil E. Lee
He's taking photos a plenty
But none of me
Elephant sleeping at the foot of his bed
He put a dove on their wall
And a bullet in my head



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