from the album Green Room Serenade, Part One

Words and Music by Gene Eugene
Sung by Gene with Terry

You say you're going down to Mexico
You didn't want to let me know
You say a drinks a dollar there
And if your not a bull the fights are fair

Hey honey don't you
Hey honey don't you go
Hey honey don't you
Hey honey don't you go
oh no

I followed you to New Orleans
You say you saw it in a magazine
You know they throw some party there
There's people in their underwear
I cried too much you ran away
I think about you every day

Hey honey don't you. . .
Hey honey don't you go

I guess I finally got my wish
'Cause now you're in Los Angeles
And Billy says you're gonna call
I don't know why I unplugged my phone from the wall
And now I'm really feeling scared
I hear you climbing up my stairs

Hey honey don't you. . .
I'm going to Mexico!


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