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Gift Horse

Gift Horse

The Lost Dogs

2000 BEC Records
Produced By Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene, Derri Daugherty and Mike Roe

Gift Horse

1. Ghost Train (To Nowhere) (Taylor)
2. Free Drinks and a Dream (A Vegas Story) (Taylor)
3. If You Love Here (You'd Be Home By Now) (Taylor)
4. Diamonds to Coal (Taylor)
5. Blessing In Disguise (Taylor)
6. Loved and Forgiven (Taylor)
7. Rebecca Go Home (Taylor)
8. Honeysuckle Breeze (Taylor)
9. Ditto (Taylor)
10. The Wall of Heaven (Taylor)
11. Father Along (Traditional, Arranged by The Lost Dogs)

All songs and P.D. arrangements 2000 Zoom Daddy Music.
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of this work is strictly prohibited by Federal Law and subject to prosecution.

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Recording Information

Recorded and mixed by Gene Eugene and Lost Dogs at The Green Room, Huntington Beach, California.
Recorded by Gene Eugene and the Lost Dogs


Cover Photography By: Durling Inc GBG
Band Photo By: Anna Cardenas

The Lost Dogs:

Mike Roe: Guitars and Vocals
Derri Daugherty: Guitars and Vocals
Gene Eugene: Guitars, Piano and Vocals
Terry Taylor: Guitars and Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Melissa Hasin: cello
John McDuffie: pedal steel



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