Loved and Forgiven

from the album Gift Horse

Loved and Forgiven

from the album Gift Horse

Words and Music by Terry Taylor ("Dedicated to my son Andrew")

Go on and watch the horizon reeling in
You're free now to open every forbidden door
Or let a thunderstorm chase you all the way back east
But don't ever think I won't love you anymore

And I pray for lights at the ends of tunnels
And I pray for rivers flowing in the desert
Wherever life is leading, don't stop believing that
You are loved...and forgiven (2x)

Ancestors who fought to make it but never did
Fathers, sons, old grudges rolling down the years
Still, it's not in your nature to ever settle a score
I'm guessin' it was just a good night for gettin' out of here

(Repeat Chorus)

Look for the broken cross
In your shattered rearview mirror
Is that the face you've lost getting nearer?
becoming clearer?

And I don't believe in cheap grace or easy streets
This world needs to break our hearts and our innocence
But maybe that hard rain will drive you all the way home
Save you from drowning in your last defense

Don't stop believing
You are Loved and Forgiven


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