Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children

Suffer the Children

Various Artists

2002 Andy's Angels Records
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
Executive Producers: Theo Obrastoff and Jonathan T Feavel

Alternative Worship (Prayer, Petitions and Praise)

1. Andre (Theo Obrastoff)
2. Rice Paper Wings (Daniel Amos, from the album Mr. Buechner's Dream)
3. Faces to the Window (Daniel Amos, previously unreleased - live in 1984)
4. Buffalo Hills (Terry Scott Taylor, previously unreleased - live in Moses Lake 2001)
5. Rocky Mountain Mines (Lost Dogs, from the album Green Room Serenade, Part Tour
6. Return to Sender (Father's Heart) (Jeff Elbel & Ping)
7. The Sweetness (Riki Michele)

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Graphic Design: Brian Heydn
Photography: Amanda Feavel
Liner Notes: Terry Scott Taylor
Masters edited and compiled by Jason Townsend, Eric Townsend




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