<the midget, the speck and the molecule>

The Midget

the midget, the speck and the molecule

The Swirling Eddies

2007 Stunt Records
Produced By Camarillo Eddy & the Swirling Eddies

for Stunt Productions.
Executive Producers: Eric Townsend and Jason Townsend

the midget, the speck and the molecule

1. it all depends
2. the midget the speck and the molecule
3. madonna inn
4. giants in the land
5. salton sea
6. my cardboard box
7. snow in a can
8. a medley of our hit
9. tremolo
10. a humble man rises
11. this is the title / the old hitchhiker

All Songs written by Terry Scott Taylor
2007 Terry Scott Taylor Music (BMI).
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed by Derry Air at the Neverland Studios, Franklin, TN


Art Direction and Design by Camarillo Eddy
Layout and Design by Jason Townsend and Eric Townsend, with a Nudge from Simeon Kease
Illustrations by Camarillo Eddy

Special Thanks: The Swirling Eddies would like to extend their deepest love and utmost respect to us, the Swirling Eddies.

The Swirling Eddies Are:

Picky Swelly
Berger Roy Al
Judy Ism
Newt York Newt York
Derry Air

Featuring Guest Eddie: Eddie DeGarmo

A shout out at the Wandering Eddies:
Hort Elvison
Arthur Fhardy
Gene Pool
Prickly Disco



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