A Medley Of Our Hit

from the album The Midget, The Speck and the Molecule

Words & music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2007 Terry Scott Taylor music (bmi)

here we go children
its the latest release
from the sausage machine
another major masterpiece
you been a long time waitin
and now this is it
no more pinin, no more whinin
for a medley of our hit

take the crank
give it a yank
take the crank
give it a yank
cos were on empty
so fill up our tank
with good and plenty, milk and
honey, and money in the bank

here we go children
no need to complain
tell big dork and his buddies that
its time to refrain
from bein so nasty
what exactly is your trip,
now that were filling your pre-orders
with a medley of our hit?

take a crank...

lets hold this transaction
to the refiners fire
watch it burn away the flesh
with its carnal desire
remove the sin from the sinner,
the lie from the liar
and hope theres more in these ashes
than just some guns for hire

listen to me children
dont make the same mistakes
might not want to go on record
with the times and the dates
poor jason and eric
are always gettin the lip
about the endless delays
on a medley of our hit

take a crank...ow!...

do you think this is something?
well lets hear from st. paul:
"no this is nothin, really nothin at all"
compared to coming glory
it dont compare a bit
just another sad story
of another piece of hit

take the crank....
come on!
take the crank...
come on!


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