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The Berry Vest

The Berry Vest of

The Swirling Eddies

1995 Alarma! Records
Bonus Tracks Produced & Engineered by Terry Taylor

The Berry Vest

1. (Disco) Love Grapes (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Raven/Chandler)
2. Driving In England (Camarillo Eddy)
3. Golden Girl Of The Golden West (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Raven/Chandler/Chamberlain)
4. What A World, What A World (Camarillo Eddy)
5. I've Got An Idea (Camarillo Eddy)
6. Pyro Sets A Wildfire (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Raven/Chandler)
7. Outdoor Elvis (Camarillo Eddy)
8. Strange Days (Camarillo Eddy)
9. Let's Spin! (Camarillo Eddy)
10. Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party (Camarillo Eddy/Spot/Arthur Fhardy)
11. Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here (Camarillo Eddy)
12. Billy Graham (Camarillo Eddy)
13. Catch That Angel (Camarillo Eddy)
14. The Unsuccessful Dutch Missionary / The Big Guns (Camarillo Eddy)
15. Like Lazarus (Bonus Eddy) (Camarillo Eddy)
16. The Twist (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Raven/Chandler/Chamberlain)

(Camarillo Unplugged) :

17. With The Tired Eyes Of Faith (Camarillo Eddy)
18. Glorious Dregs (Camarillo Eddy)

Cassette-only Bonus Track: 19. Wacky Fan Letter

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Recording Information

Bonus Eddies Produced and Engineered by Terry Taylor
Mixed by Thom Roy at the Mixing Lab, Garden Grove, CA


Art Direction: Thom Roy
Layout and Design: Erich Neubert and Megan Giles

"Let's Spin":
The songs that introduced the Eddies to the world. Swirling Guitars, enigmatic lyrics and good time fun. This song set the tone for what the Swirling Eddies were all about.

"Driving In England":
This song became the Eddies first #1 radio hit and shows off Terry Taylor's ability to write a multi-layered lyric. Loyal fans could relate to the very personal sentiments of the band's struggle to maintain integrity in the CCM industry, while first time listeners could relateto the idea of the Christian struggling against the flow in a hostile culture. The relentless, driving (excuse the pun) beat made it accessible to many who couldn't get past the quirkiness of much of Taylor's other tunes.

"The Golden Girl of the Golden West":
The most wickedly accurate expose' of California culture since "Hotel California". Puts the Eddies on top of the pack of the most important alternative bands in the country.

"Catch That Angel":
Wonderfully crafted pop-rock gem featuring a beautiful vocal and lush harmonies. This is what the term "pop sensibility" is all about.

"Strange Days":
A bittersweet song of longing for maturity. Simply beautiful.

"Disco Love Grapes":
Weird Al meets Funkadelic who then join Shecky Green for a brunch at Denny's.

"Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here":
The song that almost shut down Eddies, inc.
Controvery surrounded this song almost before it was recorded. Schools objected to being named but the Eds prevailed. Greatly misunderstood, this song is really about hypocrisy, but some couldn't see past the chorus. A huge hit on college campuses. Some Schools even objected to NOT being named. Great Eddie fun.

"I've Got An Idea":
Who says Terry Taylor can't write funky love jams??

"Pyro Sets A Wildfire":
May be the Eddies' most accessible pop song. Musical perfection and lyrical genius. It doesn't get much better than this.

"Outdoor Elvis":
This tune is a perfect example of Terry Taylor's talent for writing songs which on the surface seems pure silly fun, but upon closer inspection reveal deep spiritual truth. The song seems ripped from the headlines of The Weekly World News, confusing elements of Elvis and Bigfoot sightings, but on a deeper level explores the emptiness of our idolatry. "You can pretty much tell that he's lost weight by the depth of his footprint" may be one of Taylor's funniest lines.

"Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party":
Pure spontaneous wacko Eddieness. It's songs like this that make you gotta love these guys. Always ones to mock the rock posturing and bad boy attitudes of other bands, this song says "Hey, lighten up! This is supposed to be fun!".

"What A World, What A World":
This may be Terry Taylor's most beautiful ballad. Exquisite Brian Wilson-like harmonies haunt the melancholy longing of a true artist for a better world.

"The Twist":
The subject of the cross has not been dealt with from a perspective this fresh and unsettling for countless years in CCM. Most rock ballads that deal with this topic are smarmy. This song raises the hairs ont he back of your head,

-Text by Tom Gulotta

The Swirling Eddies Are:

Camarillo Eddy (Terry Taylor)
Arthur Fhardy (Rob Watson)
Berger Roy Al (Tim Chandler)
Gene Pool (Greg Flesch)
Hort Elvison (Dave Raven)
Spot (Jerry Chamberlain)
Prickly Disco (Gene Eugene)


Camarillo Unplugged:
"With The Tired Eyes Of Faith"
Camarillo Eddy: Guitars and Vocals

"Glorious Dregs"
Camarillo Eddy: Lead Vocals and Guitar with

Special Guest
Peter Braun: Vocalist and Guitarist



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