The Berry Vest of the Swirling Eddies

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Cross Rhythms April 1, 1996

by Tony Cummings

The years have flown but those anarchic, surreal and hugely enjoyable albums 'Let's Spin', 'Zoom Daddy' and 'Outdoor Elvis' have long been favourites for all those dedicated nuts who searched them out. Now here are all the best cuts, not to mention several Bonus Eddies plucked from the archives by chief Eddie, Terry Taylor. The tracks pack more lyrical punches than a Tyson/Bruno title fight, the almost Funkadelic of "Disco Love Grapes" is still a doozer while "Hide The Beer The Pastor's Here" is the kind of song guaranteed to aggravate all fundamentalists.

Lovers of the absurd will go for the "Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party" while my absolute favourite is the previously unreleased "With The Tired Eyes Of Faith", a beautiful acoustic ballad which with its haunting harmonies sounds more like a Lost Dogs cut. Utterly original, occasionally wacko, but truly essential for Daniel Amos/Lost Dogs buffs.



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