Beanies and Franks

from the album Uncle Stonehill's Hat

Beanies and Franks

Recorded by Uncle Stonehill for his album Uncle Stonehill's Hat (2001)

©2001 Words and Music by Randy Stonehill and Terry Scott Taylor

Verse 1:
As I walked out in the glen so green
In the merry, merry month of May
With my brethren down along the riverbanks
Oh the sun shown bright through the leaves and trees
As we laughed and sang and played
And before we knew twas time for
Beanies and franks

Beanies and franks
Oh Oh Oh
Beanies and franks

Verse 2
Then we gathered round the gleaming fire
For to cook our hearty lunch
With our stomachs growling so impatiently
Then a voice arose from our hungry group
Cheweth not thine bite of food
We've forgotten something special haven't we

chorus: (extended)
Beanies and franks
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Beanies and franks
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Verse 3
Well some eat steak and some eat cake
Some sausages some pork
Oh but none should eat before they've given thanks
So bless the food and pass your plate
Raise high your knife and fork
And thank the Lord for meals like
Beanies and franks


And thank the Lord for meals like beanies and franks


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