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I finally ripped the fan club music onto my ipod. When these songs came out, I did not own an ipod...where they even around then?

Avocado Club Exclusive Volume 1
I Like It Like That: I could hear this on the Lost Dogs Gift Horse album. Saucy relationship song.
Olley Olley Oxen Free:

Avocado Club Exclusive: Volume 2
The two songs on this cd are my hidden gems of the month. Simple Things and Every Tuesday of the Week. Since this cd has come out, we have had to deal with living with a special needs child and the loss of her father. This cd captured our life over the last number of years with all of the love and appreciation that a Christian marriage should bring.

The Random Acts cd was also never ripped onto the ipod for some reason. There are some great tunes here. Some of my favorites from Random Acts & Hodgepodge...
Satellite Moon:
Welcome to the Real World
Hamster Theme

I will post a few more favorites from rarities cds since during my break from work, I am taking inventory of what I have that I treasure. It is a strange human behavior that compels a person to strive for what they do not have and not spending enough time appreciating what is already in hand. Friends, family and DA!
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