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Tallowy Tamale

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The Midget – the Speck and the Molecule
Blow by blow

The new eddies- hmmm, lets see? what impressed me most??-
After the long hiatus and a release schedule that rivals (or tops?) Horrendous Disc I put myself in their proverbial shoe-how do you approach yourself as an incarnation of yourself?
The Eddies have always been ( I think) a concept rather than a particular group of musicians- the previous recordings under that banner had guests, and line up changes.
With that in mind, what I like about the latest “eddie suit” is the way it finds itself mirroring other DA/LD/TST/SE projects-yet rather stands alone in its sound and texture.
To me its apparent that Terry put on his Cam cam..and peered back in his own rear view mirror (the use of backmasking – such a sweet technique now with digital sound )- sets you up right at the opening- seems to transport you back- to find ghosts and lines of past “Ideas” . I find this recording is laced beautifully throughout to give a large “historical” panoramic view of the marvelous sound, which is of course- the Swirling Eddies. It sadly has a swan song murmur ..this could be the last of it..a similar whisper we found in Mr. Buechners Dream.
Lets hope not

It all depends.

I don’t think there could have been a more poignant opening number.
The first lines –razor wire and iron bars- or three hots and a cot
It may be another Dogs tune (which is a good thing) but by the time the second Verse screams about something as deadly as the cross and the loss, it’s the serious side of the very unserious Camarillo. All the vocals from the opening note are so well played-and so well gripped-that in itself is a glorious accomplishment for the man who’s been at it nigh over 30 years. Delivered with the force and “bang” that’s there-you know right off the bat this isn’t a comic relief endeavor-this song hurts-and only a group like the stand tall Eddies can deliver lines about the fat lady and cause us to sigh. The lyrics are challenging without sounding condemning –because in the end you cant force faith on anyone, and it really does depend on how we view everything on this terra firma we are plopped down on.


When I heard this as the title of the recording- and also a song title- I’ll admit I wondered if the cheesy Eddie was up to bat (Hey- I like Arthur Fardy- but you now what I mean.) Instead, keeping the pace of unique- this little number is as spiritual as any hymn-with references masked in past songs-fine descriptions like the poltergeist, you KNOW what He’s referring too, and as he fades almost imperceptible in what’s behind us all, (the rear view mirror) the old (vanishing) hitchhiker in the end looms like a giant ( the Real giant here-not those of Tiny town) with a tag line about the darkened vision that could have been stretched into a 5 minute fade~ that fact confirmed by its reprise later.

Madonna Inn

There’s a thread of thought in a lot of Eddie tunes- using real things to think of “unreal” things.
From Rodeo Drive to surfing regulations to driving overseas, I would not have realized this was a real place-but it was shown early on. Eddies love California Observations- no on would want to go to a fantasy hotel in my neck of the woods- too stodgy.
This reminds me of a continuation of Songs of the Heart-in tone, and lyrical delivery –and quality. A good love song never fails to spark something good.

Giants in the Land

La Brea tar pits-rock legend references- frustrated musicians- I mean- this is the Swirling Eddies looking out there back door (doot doot doot)
The “Cajun” overtone just takes the same veer as Ed on a vacation – a mix of great lyrics and melody texture-and the first of Berger’s weird bass inflections- wish there’d have been more.

Salton Sea
Apparently even Ed didn’t vacation here, but it’s a tourist spot that merits some note- on an eddies record. Once again finding real places to ponder-with an “ocean view” hundreds and hundreds of miles long-why play croquet on the phosphate lawn.? – cuz you can damb it! And references to Bombs and japs, this one has a cute bite to it. Here’s where “Tag-a long” works his magic..with childish notes that work so well (and btw- I am blown away by his percussion- and listening to the thundering portions make up for any little tinkle he adds that some think annoying- I think him a master at nuance-and can’t get enough) And the middle guitar sounds like Mikes guitar was dipped in saline itself. This tune sounds like it could be squeezed after Rice Paper wings-or another on the Dream.

Cardboard Box

Love is grand-but the song is sad. To me this is an updated Terry/Camarillo observation- and coupled with Madonna Inn- is there much difference? Both provide comfort.
I’ve stated we live in a region where this kind of obvious display of despair is impossible- you’d literally freeze-not just double your socks. This song not only shows compassion-but makes one want to volunteer at a place to help.

Snow in a Can

If the idea of Snowball was not obvious- I’ll be jiggered. The pace- the breaks – the watery riffs-it’s a lyrical update to a great strange song. Uncanny (no pun intended!) wordplay- the wit is class A stuff. A great song.


Ok – Cam and the band is tired- we’re tired – everyone’s getting cranky – (Cranky??)
But damb – what a great tune. Good melody – the most trippin Eddie song on it really-more than mildly depressing- after all- picking scabs HURTS- but it’s the only way to make it better.
Necessary?? – well- maybe not.
Witty?- heck ya
Cathartic?- well it could be.
No one likes displaying their soiled shorts-but only the Eddies could not only do that- but put the clothesline in the FRONT yard.
And I’m sorry- I think it’s the real St Paul- the local one just wanted flattery too.

OK – my daughter loves the baby crying - and SCREAMS on the third route better than Cam. I’ve yet to delve into any secondary meaning on the song..
But I think the vibrations speak pretty much for themselves. Again – the guitar work is knit to the song.

Humble Man
NO masks- nothing cute here- this is Christian thought and theology in your face. Forceful and honest- and bare- holy. Holy. holy. Has the convictions of a Dog song-but the punch of some old Rockers who still really can -a great song, which I think befits its author. Despite the tongue in cheek wit and snarl-this is the core of his desire.

Title – to the Old Hitchhiker..

OK – a little levity – Eddie style. I am certain that at some point this probably was a moment that occurred- it gets back to my first paragraph- how do you begin to dust off this beast? – well –with a bit of humor..and a literal laugh out for me when you hear “Love from above like a dove” –

Till the end..and the break..and the sad and most touching moments on the entire recording come back home again to bring every believer to nod our heads - a wonderful fading, true, mournful, mysterious, biblical, spiritual longing that we all have- to see through the darkened glass.

If you love the man and his band(s)-I really believe this could be the Coupe De Gras-and for the purist who cant see beyond ZD- it can at least hold its own as the other bookend in a marvelous creation that I grew up with and still love so ~
The Swirling Eddies.

God Bless us Everyone- We need it so.


theres nothing to EVER put here that will please everyone-let alone anyone.
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Cool Cool
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Great review. I just received Zoom Daddy in the mail yesterday. My only regret is not receiving it in 1994. Now, to work on getting Outdoor Elvis and Let's Spin.

As for the new record, TMTSTM is fantastic, front to back. There aren't many CD's nowadays that one can listen to without hitting the skip forward button at least once (and usually much more than once). Thanks for the song-by-song review, jiminy!

"My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
-Psalm 73:26
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now THAT is a review! Nice work Jiminy!



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