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1. When will Horrendous Disc be released on CD?
Solid Rock records released "Horrendous Disc" on CD for the first time March 3, 2000. We are currently working on plans to release a Horrendous Disc retrospective collection that will include never before published photos, extended liner notes written by DA and rare tracks. This project will be as complete as possible. Stay tuned!

2. Where can I purchase Terry's soundtrack to the NeverhoOd?
The original soundtrack release is long out-of-print. However, "Imaginarium" a 2 CD set that features the entire "NeverhoOd" soundtrack, plus the previous unreleased soundtracks to "SkullMonkeys" and "BoomBots" is available now in the DA Webstore.

3. Where can you find DA's other out of print albums on CD?
The best place to look recently has been EBay.com. If you keep an eye out, it's not too difficult to find one of DA's past releases being auction off at a fairly decent price.

Daniel Amos - "Daniel Amos" : Webstore
Daniel Amos - "Shotgun Angel" : Currently out of print.
Daniel Amos - "Horrendous Disc" : Currently out of print.
Daniel Amos - "Alarma!" : Currently out of Print.
Daniel Amos - "Doppelganger" : Currently out of Print
Daniel Amos - "Vox Humana" : Webstore
Daniel Amos - "Fearful Symmetry" : Currently out of Print.
Daniel Amos - "Darn Floor - Big Bite" : Webstore
Daniel Amos - "Kalhoun" : Currently out of Print.
Daniel Amos - "MotorCycle" : Currently out of Print.
Daniel Amos - "BibleLand" : Currently out of Print.
Daniel Amos - "Songs of the Heart" : Available as part of "When Everyone Wore Hats" in the Webstore
Daniel Amos - "Mr Buechner's Dream" : Webstore

4. Is there some place to sample some of DA's, the Eddies, the Lost Dogs or Terry's music?
Sure. You can visit the band's MySpace pages to hear a sample of their music. Find the links to those pages on the main page of this site.

5. How can I book the Daniel Amos, Terry Taylor, The Swirling Eddies or The Lost Dogs in my town?

Contact Linda A. Miller
1631 Adkins St, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541-729-7771
Website: http://lamconcerts.com

Got a question that you want answered in the FAQ? Send it to audiori@DanielAmos.com. Please put "FAQ" in the subject line.