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Please do not post them on the board, the best way to contact the right people and make sure the information is put in the right place and not lost is to use the Order Info Request Form from the Store page.

If you have a problem with this method, you can also send a Private Message (PM) to audiori here on the board. Please include full name of the person that placed the order, email address, date ordered and order number if possible (PayPal orders do not give you an order number).

Another option is to "Like" us on Facebook and send us a private message there. The link to our facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/DanielAmosMusic

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* My credit card was not charged. Does that mean that you forgot or skipped my order?
In nearly every case, this means there was a problem with your order and it was not sent to us by the server. It is actually impossible for us to move on to other orders without finalizing (charging) the orders that came in before it.

* Does that mean there was a problem with my credit card?
Not necessarily. Our server has many security measures designed to prevent the use of stolen credit card numbers. For this reason, almost anything that the server doesn't like will cause an order to fail. It could simply be a glitch in the server itself or a bad connection with your bank or credit card company. Many times you can just try to place the order again.

There must have been a problem with my order or card, what do I do?
You can simply try to place an order again. Please allow some time before you try however - credit card companies and banks can sometimes delay an order while it is being verified. We don't want you to be charged twice.

In some cases, we are able to go into the server and find the order and attempt to process a failed order ourselves. This can only happen if we hear from you however... otherwise we won't even see the failed order.

* Can I just post about my order here on the board?
In rare cases, we allow it if other means of communication are failing. However, it is not encouraged primarily because in nearly every case, we need private information from you. It is dangerous to post your address, phone number or (obviously) your credit card information on a public forum.

This is why you most likely won't find any store website that allows the public posting of order issues. I'd be worried about any store that did allow it.

* If I post a message about my order and it disappears, what does that mean?
It means that we moved it to a private area of the board so that your information is not sitting in the open forum. It also means that you most likely have a PM from us in your inbox. Pleased

* Does the squeaky wheel get greased first?
No. We get back to everyone in the order that we receive your question.

* If I don't hear from you right away, are you ignoring me?
No, of course not. We receive thousands of emails a day and can very easily get behind on answering them - especially if we're sick, out of town or are having personal family issues. In other cases, it might mean that we are addressing your problem and there is no need to send an email in response. In some extreme cases however, it may mean that we are not receiving your emails. If this happens, try sending us a PM on the board.

* If I have an order problem, should I treat you like a faceless, mean, heartless, greedy global corporation out to steal every penny and leave me broke and shattered in the street?
Please don't.

* Who are you then?
We are fellow fans, and friends of the bands. We are also volunteers that work our evenings to ship out enormous amounts of mail and answer an avalanche of email to relieve some of the burden from the band members themselves and make it easier for them to continue to tour and make the music that we all love.

* Do you deserve some kind of an award?
Yes, probably.

* When I order from this website, how much of the money ends up in the band's hands?
100%. If you order from this website, you are buying from the band directly.

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