Browbeats Presents Wither Wing

Browbeats Presents Wither Wing

Browbeats Presents Wither Wing

Various Artists

1998 KMG Records
Produced by Gene Eugene and Michael Knott

Browbeats Presents Wither Wing

1. Stonerhirl (Ted Cookerly)
2. Getting Normal (Scott Silletta)
3. Out of Time (Gene Eugene)
4. Ricki Racer (Michael Knott)
5. Ricki Racer II (Remix Version)
6. Happy Old Man (Terry Taylor)
7. Allison (Terry Taylor)
8. Just Wanna Be You (Jason Martin)
9. Herb's Garage (A Guy Named Herb, Michael Knott)
10. Tattoo (Rock Version) (Michael Knott)
11. Wither Wing (Wayne Everett)

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Art Direction: Russ Rohrer
Cover Artwork by Michael Knott
Mastered By Mark Rodriguez


Michael Knott: Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Carter: Guitar, Bass
Andy Prickett: Guitar
Gene Eugene: Keyboards
Eric Compuzano: Bass
Wayne Everett: Bass, Percussion
Chuck Cummings: Drums
Ed Benrock: Drums, Bass Percussion



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