The Neverhood


The Neverhood

Dreamworks, PC CDROM

1996 Dreamworks
Produced by John A.S. Skeel
Associate Producers: Dianna Myers and Tracy Droz Tragos
Directed by Doug TenNapel

The Neverhood

Mark Lorenzen as Willie Tombone
Edward Schofield as Klaymen
Doug TenNapl as Klogg, Big Robot Bil, Hoborg

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Recording Information

Music Recorded and Mixed at the Fabulous Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA by Gene Eugene and Terry S. Taylor


Music by Terry Scott Taylor
Artwork by Brian Belfield, Mark Lorenzen, and Edward Schofield
Illustrations by Michael Koelsch
Sound Designer Ernie Sheesley
Special Effects by Mark Villalobos
Animation Director: Mike Dietz
Animation by Mike Dietz, Edward Schofield and Doug TenNapel
Assistant Animator: Chris Rauch
Programmers: Kenton Leach and Tim Lorenzen

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg

The Neverhood All Clay Band:

Terry Taylor: Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals, Percussion, Theremin
Bob Carr and Mike Nelson: Horns
Gene Eugene: Bass, Keyboards, WahWah, Percussion
Ed McTaggart: Drums
Greg Kellog: Banjo
Janet McTaggart, Rich Young Ruler: Background Vocals
Mike Roe: guitar ("Psychedelic Boogie Child").



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