My Valentine

from the album Swine Before Pearl, Vol. 2

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2011 Zoom Daddy Music (BMI)

Time, ties, they say, won't bind
Climbing hills that can't be climbed
Turning water into wine
Say again you will be mine
My valentine

Through misgivings and miscues
Good times and bad news
Troubles, trials, and tests
Perhaps a few regrets
You are still mine
My valentine

Are we fallen lovers driven from the garden?
Are we prayers like letters marked "return to sender"?
Are we names upon a crimson-stained pardon
Simply here to celebrate our tragic splendor?
So let's remember this
Let's surrender with a kiss
My valentine

Let our hearts be gracious hosts
To the weary soul and the Holy Ghost
We'll take the least and make the most
Pour the wine and drink a toast
To love divine
My valentine
My valentine
My valentine


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