The Way Home

from Bedroom Demo #62

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2018 Shape of Air Music

I'm glad you're in
Good to see you again
And to share a laugh or two
Maybe shed a tear
For loved ones dear,
Having both lost quite a few

I always find it peaceful here
A fine place to spend time with you
On my
Way home

I have to say
While you've been away
The world's turned pretty mean
Maybe it's always been this way
Things comin' apart at the seams
So I'm happy you found this hideaway
I don't always feel this serene
On my
Way home

You're done with all your labors
You've got friendly and quiet neighbors
And this breeze blowin' softly thru the pines
It's so peaceful and so still here
You've got a view from the hill here
I'd love to have something like it
When it comes my time

So for now so long
I should be movin' on
I've got people and places to see
And a short time before
I'm deep at rest like you
And folks come to visit me
On their
Way home
On their
Way home


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