The Healing Tree

from Bedroom Demo #123

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2018 Shape of Air Music

Every wound is open,
Every new organ's been rejected
Every bone is broken,
Every last thing has been infected

We'll borrow the eyes of God

Behold, the number's down on new recruits
Confused by the infinite as institute
And gossamer dressed in a tie and suit
The machine of the world grinds on and on
Systematic elysian
The City On a Hill's an American
Brick and mortar kingdom come

We'll borrow the eyes of God

Behold, the shop where dirt-cheap grace is sold,
Mysteries solved, and cases easily closed
Behind the tenements and the barrios,
The broken streets paved with drugs and guns,
The blood of the guilty and the innocent ones,
The old drunk's gibberish, and the widow's crumbs,
Stand the dreaming domes of New Jerusalem

Come with me,
We'll borrow the eyes of God,
Come and see
The Healing Tree

Hallelujah, see behind the walls
The Lamb in the center of our shopping malls,
Our fast-food temples, and our city halls
Then observe these desecrated works of art,
Tracked by algorithms, files, grafts, and charts
And cameras poised above their shopping carts
Filled with yesterday's news and replacement parts

We'll borrow the eyes of God

Angels exhaling a holy breeze,
Rustling the leaves that crown The Healing Tree
Its sacred pages are medicinal sheets
For paralyzed hands and gangrenous feet
The word made flesh, an administration
Of the salve of mercy's medication
Behold, a healing for the nations!

Come with me,
We'll borrow the eyes of God
Come with me
To The Healing Tree

Once blind, we will see
We've borrowed the eyes of God
We'll fall down on our knees
Beneath The Healing Tree
The Healing Tree


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