Signs & Wonders

from Bedroom Demo #194

(For my Granddaughters, Eva and Mia)
Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2020 Shape of Air Music

The prophets and the oracles are silent
The holy books are closed,
Like everybody's heart and soul
The well is dry, no miracles expected
It all remains the same,
And will until the world goes up in flames

But your love tells me what will be,
It tears the veil asunder
And in the grace of your sweet lovely face I see
Signs and wonders

The night despairs, the day is unforgiving
Prayers die on the wind;
There are no angels left to gather them
And we're all in a war that's never ending
No help is on the way
And wisdom says "There's nothing left to say"

But your love's like a waking dream
Beyond the rain and thunder
It breaks the seal, the light reveals these coming things
Signs and wonders

And in your eyes healing's begun,
Blessed days are without number
And with your touch, I see the world that is to come
Through signs and wonders
Signs and wonders
Signs and wonders
Signs and wonders
Signs and wonders


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